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Discover the rich and earthy flavor of our single origin Sumatra coffee. Roasted using organic arabica beans grown in the lush and volcanic soil of Sumatra, this dark roast coffee has a bold taste with notes of dark chocolate and a subtle earthy finish. The beans are hand-selected and carefully roasted to bring out their natural flavors and aromas, creating a coffee that is both satisfying and delicious.

These beans were grown in Aceh (pronounced AH-CHEY) which is the northernmost province of Sumatra, Indonesia. It is highland territory, surrounding Lake Laut Tawar and the local city of Takengon. Coffee farms in this area are managed with the experience of many generations of cultivation, while also harmoniously woven into their surrounding tropical forests. The canopies are loud and fields are almost impenetrably thick with coffee, fruit trees and vegetables, all of which are constantly flushing with new growth. Year-round mists and rain showers never cease, farm floors are spongy and deep with compost, and almost every square meter of the region seems to exude life. Nothing is ever still. Start your day with a cup of Sumatra coffee and enjoy a taste of the exotic!

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